Do Old Drivers Fade Away?

Posted on September 5, 2015 by Hawkins Elder Law.

The ability to drive a car is one of the privileges that most defines quality of life and independent living for the elderly. Unfortunately, the deteriorating effects of aging causes some elderly drivers to become impaired drivers as the following headlines suggest: “Elderly driver crashes into Ziegler’s Ace Hardware in Huntley” (May 4, 2015, Copyright […]

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Estate Planning for Family Unity

Posted on October 6, 2014 by Hawkins Elder Law.

[See our Disclaimers page about relying on this website’s contents.] Most people have experienced conflict or heard of families that have split after the death of an older family member. Conflicts are a natural part of life, but not all conflicts have to happen. This article describes some things that people can do to maintain […]

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